Q&A catch-up with Hornady-sponsored shooter, Barry Dueck

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5 min readAug 16, 2022

Barry Dueck is a champion 3-gun shooter, founder and director of the SureFire Suppressor Division and Dueck Defense. Barry’s life revolves around shooting and making the best suppressors and accessories to improve firearm performance. We catch up with Barry to find out about his current competition set-up, his goals for the future and how he got to where he is today.

Barry, what disciplines are you currently competing in?

I’m currently competing in 3-gun and 2-gun matches and rifle matches under USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association), UML (United Multigun League) and IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation).

Barry demonstrating his handgun shooting technique

Tell us what you’ve been up to since we last spoke in 2018.

I’ve been designing a new generation of SureFire Suppressor that has little change on the rifle operating system and improves firearm controllability when firing.

What competitions have you won in that time and which are you most proud of?

· 2021 SureFire World Multigun — 1st Heavy Optics

· MagPul Texas 3-gun — 5th Heavy Optics

· Cobalt 2-gun — 6th Practical

Barry takes 1st place veterans at the Cobalt Practical 2-gun championship

How has your shooting style changed or improved?

I’ve been working on more efficient movement getting on and out of position.

Tell us about your current competition set up?

For Heavy Optics my set-up is:

· Rifle: LMT MWS 308 rifle with a 20” barrel, AR-Gold trigger and Prototype SureFire Brake. I have my Dueck Defense RTS sights for close range speed targets and a Swarovski Z8i optic for the farther targets. I switch between two different ammunitions depending on the stage. For close range speed stages I like Hornady 308 win, 125 gr SST Custom Lite. For long range stages and targets like the MGM Spinners that benefit from being hit hard, my go to round is the Hornady 308 win, 178 gr BTHP Match. Both loads are super accurate, clean and run great in my rifle.

· Pistol: I shoot a BARSTO BS-9, BS40 or BS45 depending on the division requirements for the match I’m competing in. I load Hornady 147 XTPs for 9mm, 180 gr HAP for 40 S&W and 230 gr HAP for 45 ACP all on Hornady brass.

· Shotgun: I shoot tuned Benelli M1/M2s

What are your goals for the future?

I’ve started training for the 2024 IPSC World Rifle Championship in Finland. Of course, I place importance on all major matches but my current goal is to earn a slot on the US team representing the USA in 2024.

Barry’s sights are set on representing Team USA the 2024 IPSC World Rifle Championship

What do you think is important to keep our sport alive and what are you doing to encourage this?

The shooting sports are the ultimate test bed firearms and equipment. Competition takes opinions out and shows with match results what works better. This equipment evolution gives people better firearms and gear for self-defense, hunting and the military. I enjoy introducing new people to shooting and encourage them to start competing as the best way to improve their skills and just have fun.

What mental tool do you use under pressure?

I learned long ago to focus on fundamentals and not forget the basics. My goal is to shoot the best stage I can, basically I’m competing against myself more than the other competitors. The more I train and prepare the faster I will be on stages, but I never try to go faster than I’m processing the information.

“Focus on the fundamentals and don’t forget the basics”

What challenges did you overcome to get to where you are today?

I’ve always had a passion for shooting, from hunting as a kid to getting formal training in the Marines, competing in division matches and eventually earning a slot on the USMC Reserve Shooting Team. The high-power rifle matches and pistol bullseye matches gave me experience firing accurate shots and learning how to stay calm if I wanted to do well at a match. However, it was when I started shooting IPSC and 3-gun that I knew I found the sport for me, but this meant I had to learn a new skill set to do well at matches. So, I trained constantly and shot matches with the best shooters in my area. This set my standards and pushed me to be better.

What motivates you to continue improving?

I’ve always been driven and have a love for shooting and competition.

“When I started shooting IPSC and 3-gun that I knew I found the sport for me”

Tell us a bit about what else you enjoy doing outside of shooting and competing.

I run the suppressor and weapons division at SureFire and have a great time inventing new designs to improve performance. My wife, Michelle and I also own Dueck Defense, building firearm sights and mounts.

I’m a private pilot and get a lot of enjoyment flying small single engine airplanes. I especially like bush planes, something about taking off and landing in a small space I find cool. I also hunt as often as I can, which like most people, is never enough and I overland camp and off road with my family. We recently did the 118 mile Mojave trail.

Hornady-sponsored shooter, Barry Dueck of SureFire and Dueck Defense